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Flame Safety - Burner Controller - flame response 3 s max. at flame voltage 2 V DC, lock out timing 15 s max. 13.5 ± 1.5 s, power supply: 120 V AC, flame rod (Ionization) sensor. UL/FM Approved. Compatible model: RA890F1228/RA890F1346 (safety timing 30 s model)

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The AUR890 burner controllers were developed to replace the RA890 and are designed for batch operation of combustion equipment (At least one cycle start and stop in each 24 hour period). In combination with the AUD100 series Advanced Ultra Violet Flame Detectors or Flame Rod assembly the AUR890 automatically executes ignition, flame monitoring and fuel shut off for on/off controlled gas burners or oil burners. UL/FM Approved


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