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Digital Controller - Single Loop Controller - SDC35 - Mask size 48 mm x 96 mm, panel mount, control output 1: current, control output 2: Current, PV input universal, Power supply: DC model (24 Vac/dc) (available soon), event relay output: 3 points, auxiliary output (current output), current transformer inputs:2 points, digital inputs: 4 points, RS-485 communication, (a current transformer is sold separately; when the control output is R1, the current transformer input is not applied. MFB input is applied), with test data, CE marking.

Price $1,124.00


Azbil DigitroniK SDC35/36 is a single loop, compact digital controller featuring multi-range inputs and a PID control system using “RationalLOOP PID” (Ra-Pid) and “Just-FiTTER algorithms. Up to 2 control outputs are available depending on the model selectable from relay contact, voltage pulse, and current. ±0.3% FS accuracy. Sample cycle of 0.3 s. The input types can be changed among the thermocouple, RTD, current and voltage. The control method can be selected from any of the ON/OFF control, PID control, and self-tuning. Heat and cool control can be achieved using two control outputs and event outputs. The control output types available for selection are relay, voltage pulse, and current outputs. Event 3 points or 2 points (independent contact), CT input 2 points, DI 4 points, and RS-485 can be selected in combination. Personal computer loader option available makes it possible easily perform various settings, such as setup and parameter setting and easily achieve data logging. IEC and CE compliant.


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