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Gas Flow Measurement and Control Products - Micro Flow Sensor Applied Products - Gas Flow Monitor for Natural Gas and Air CMG series - connection 40 A (1 1/2" B), pipe shape: JIS 10K flange, gas type: air, flow rate range: 8.0 - 80.0 m3/h (CMG40/50), output: 4 - 20 mA + Event Output 2, pressure: medium pressure, operating pressure: 1.0 MPa max., pressure resistance: 1.5 MPa max., (JIS 10K flange, flow rate range: 80, 150 m3/h), no communications, power: 100 Vac (50/60 Hz), additional processing: with inspection report.

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Azbil CMG Gas Flow Monitor for Natural Gas and Air is a flowmeter for measuring fuel flow rate of gas burners. It incorporates a thermal microflow sensor developed by Azbil Corporation. The CMG measures the volumetric flow rate under normal conditions without the need for temperature and pressure compensation and displays the instantaneous flow rate and the amount of total flow. This compact, hig-precision gas flow monitor has minimal pressure loss, and is optimal for burner applications. Analog output of the instantaneous flow rate and scaling of the utput are available for flow rate management. The direction of the display can be changed, thus the device can be mounted in any orientation. The self diagnostic function supports troubleshooting.


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