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Gas Flow Measurement and Control - Compact Digital Mass Flow Controller - Standard flow rate range, Gas Flow Measurement and Control - Compact Digital Mass Flow Controller - Standard flow rate range, 1 to 50 (mL/min)*, flow path material 316 stainless steel (with degreasing of gas-contacting parts), Rc fitting pipe connection method, gas type air/nitrogen, Communication type RS-485 Modbus RTU model, default gas type factory setting: air/nitrogen, standard differential pressure 100 kPa**, CE marked. * Flow rate range for air, nitrogen, argon and oxygen. ** This is the temperature/pressure during calibration

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Azbil F4H90506TN30N0000 Compact Digital Mass Flow Controllers is a high performance controller with advanced functions for the general industrial market. The compact digital controllers are 50% smaller then our conventional models with a width of 28mm, allowing closer spacing of pipes, saving more space. FH4 controllers feature high speed controllability (0.3 s) and 1% SP high accuracy with a wide range 100:1 flow rate control. This product incorporates a Micro Flow sensor, which is an extremely high speed sensor developed by Azbil Corporation, a proportional solenoid valve, and advanced actuator control technology to achieve high speed control. Control repeatability ± 0.2% FS ± 1 digit. For ease of use, F4H90506TN30N0000 models have communication functions loT compatibility, RS-485 Modbus™ RTU. With model F4H's communication functions, much information useful for fault diagnosis can be uploaded. Also, with a smart device gateway (Model NX-SVG), the FH4 can communication with minor programmable logic controllers without a the need for programming. The F4H controllers have high noise tolerance - with isolation of the power supply from the signal circuit, power supply, noise can't affect the analog signals. Additionally, high noise-resistant 4 to 20 mA signal can be used. Choose analog I/O signals from 0 to 5 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC. By switching from an analog to a digital connection with the PLC, the analog I/O module can be eliminated. Using digital communication eliminates the effect of noise on analog signals. Communication function eliminates the need for an analog I/O module, 4 to 20 Ma, 24 VDC operation eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply and Multi-gas/multi-range capability allows reduction of inventory. Since the power supply is isolated from the signal circuits, supplying power from a single sour to multiple F4H units will not create a cyclic circuit. Allowable operating humidity range 10 to 90% RH (without condensation). Material of gas contacting parts standard gas or oxygen model: 316 stainless steel, flourocarbon resin, flourubber, CE marked.


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