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Azbil Model F7M Micro Flow Liquid Flow Meter Starter Kits has a measurement flow range of 0.1 to 10 mL/min. Accessories include a Fluororesin-insulated cable, 2 m, fitting with a 1/8" OD 0.086” ID with sleeves and union nuts and a Fluororesin tube assembly with a 1/8" OD 0.086” ID and 500 mm length with sleeve inserted.

Price $2,510.00


 The New Model F7M_-KIT- Low Flow Starter Kit contains a flowmeter, fittings, accessories, and loader program to go straight from unpacking to bench testing or immediate usage in your application. Be sure to click on the link provided at purchase to has access to technical specs, manual, and application examples.

The Azbil Model F7M Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter measures a wide range of fluids that do not corrode quartz glass or fluorocarbon resin in industries such as beverage, cosmetics, and water. Applications include: Filling (Ex. electrolytic solution), Mixing/Diluting (Ex. cleaning solutions, chemical agents), Spraying (Ex. release agents, steam and sterilization solutions, flux), Coating (Ex. Resist solutions, coating agents and flux, sealants), Circulating (Ex. coolants, lubricants) and Extracting/Dispensing (Ex. Test reagents, diluted solutions, cleaning solutions). Measuring the flow rate allows for more reliable data management by replacing alternative measures, such as managing the pump rotation speed, measuring the weight, and managing the fluid supply time. In addition, with event functions it is possible to detect empty pipes and the presence of bubbles and monitors the status of pulsation. 

*Only use with fluids that do not clog the flow path or damage the glass tube or corrode the wetted part materials. If any liquid adheres to the inner surface of the flow path, a measurement error will occur. In addition, if there are bubbles in the fluid or pulsations, output fluctuations or shifts may occur, depending on the amount.


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