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Photoelectric Sensors & Switches - Self-Contained - Background Suppression Photoelectric Switch - detection distance 20 to 200 mm, light ON, adjustable sensitivity, emitter LED red (wavelength 631 nm), pre-leaded connection, 2 m cable, 10 to 30 VDC supply voltage, output mode open collector NPN. Set distance 40 to 200 mm. Standard target objects 200 x 200 mm white construction paper. Response time 1 ms or less (for operation and return). IP67 (IEC standard) protective structure. CE Marked

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With the Azbil HP350-G, Self-Contained Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensors, influence from metal such as aluminum or stainless steel in the background is suppressed. Detection occurs at a 20 to 200 mm. Set distance 40 to 200 mm, standard target objects 200 x200 mm white construction paper. Differential 10% or less (at detection distance). Influence from color variations in the target object are suppressed. Red light produced a clearly visible spot. Small differential enables thickness detection. The sensors have a click-action 6 revolution potentiometer. Response time 1 ms or less (for operation and return). Output mode open collector NPN and PNP models available. Operating temperature -7.6 °F (-25 °C) to (131 °C) without condensation, operating humidity 30 to 85% RH without condensation, dielectric strength 20 MΩ min. at 500 VDC. IP67 (IEC standard) protective structure. Reverse connection protection. CE Marked


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