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Photoelectric Sensors & Switches - Fiber-optic - Fiber Units -Lens Unit Micro--Spot Lens - For HPF-□□□□ Coaxial Diffuse Scan Type - Shape B, operating temperature -22 °F (-30 °C) to 158 °F (70 °C), minimum spot diameter approximately 1.0 mm*, focus distance 19 mm ± 1.0 mm. *Minimum spot diameter will depend on the coaxial diffuse scan Fiber-optic fiber unit used with the lens . Please consult specification in the documents tab.

Price $66.00


Azbil HPF-LU02 Micro-Spot Lens - Lens unit achieves micro-spot in combination with HPF-□□□□ coaxial diffuse scan type Fiber-optic fiber units. In HPF-LU0 switches, the internal wall of the lens has a special feature that keeps internal reflection to a minimum, so there is an increased amount of difference in light level when a workplace is actually present. The micro-spot lens is made of hard glass, so problems caused by a drop in light level due to lens scratches made by collisions with workpieces can be greatly reduced.


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