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Photoelectric Sensor - Pipe-Mounted Liquid Level Switch - w/Built-in amplifier, Thru-scan, 3 to 7mm bracket, LO/DO, PNP, 2m cable

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Azbil HPQ-T-1/HPQ-T2 Pipe-Mounted Liquid level Fiber Units with Built-in Amplifier provide fail-safe detection of the surface level of liquids. Just mounting the switch on a pipe, the surface of the liquid can be easily detected. Refraction-based detection ensures sufficient gain between light-ON and dark-ON light levels. The switch is also suitable for liquids with poor light transmission (such as photoresist liquid, and waste fluids). Units fit on pipe diameters of 1/16”, 3 to 7 mm, and 8 to 13 mm depending on the model. Indicator and operation selector switch are located on the side. Even when gang-mounted, they can be adjusted while viewing the indicator. The same model can be used for upper or lower level limit detection (For pipe diameters of 8 mm or less, please contact Azbil North America. Switches with adjustable sensitivity are also available). CE marked.


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