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Gas Flow Measurement and Control Products - Micro Flow Sensor Applied Products - Accessories MPC series PC loader package (dedicated software and dedicated cable)

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Azbil MPC Panel Mount Mass Flow Controller is a compact (mask size: 48 x 48 mm, depth 73.7 mm) and lightweight (approx. 300 g) digital mass flow controller that can be mounted in a panel. The controller incorporates a thermal microflow sensor developed by Azbil Corporation and an extremely compact proportional solenoid valve. The flow rate can be controlled reliably within 1 second throughout the entire control range, from a low flow rate to the maximum flow rate. The controller is a solution for problems with purge meters such as flow rate fluctuations due to pressure change, the need for compensation when the fluid temperature or pressure differs from design conditions, and the handling of low rate signal output. If used as a replacement for a purge meter, this low-cost controller can be handled and installed as easily as the replaced meter. The two-line display shows the current flow rate and the set flow rate. All operations can be carried out with the keys on the unit so no peripheral equipment such as a dedicated setting device or a display unit is required. Pipe connection ports and wiring connector are all mounted on the back of the unit for easier installation. The detachable connector terminal block facilitates wiring work nd replacement of the unit. Because the controller operates on 24 Vdc, the high-price dedicated ± 15 V power supply that is required for conventional mass flow controllers is not necessary.


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