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Gas Flow Measurement and Control Products - Micro Flow Sensor Applied Products - Digital Mass Flow Controller MQV series - semi-standard gas, low flow rate models, flow rate range: 0.2 - 20.0 L/min (standard), with an integrated display (body length 90 mm), body material: 316 stainless steel, connection: 1/4'' Swagelok, gas type: semi-standard gas, gas-contacting parts treated to be oil free.

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Azbil MQV Digital Mass Flow Controller for Semi-standard gases incorporates a thermal microflow sensor developed by Azbil Corporation and a proportional solenoid valve, and achieves high performance by utilizing advanced actuator control technology. The semi-standard gas models can be used for acetylene and ammonia using an EPDM O-ring. Advanced 300 ms high-speed control. The ultra-high-speed response microflow sensor and unique digital PID tuning realize exceptionally high-speed response in reaching the set flow rate from a fully closed state. The MQV also responds quickly to changes in the primary pressure, minimizing the effect on the flow rate on the secondary side. The power circuit is isolated from analog I/O circuits. If analog I/Os of multiple MQV controllers are connected by a PLC or the like, there is no need to use an isolated circuit in the analog module on the PLC side. Also, a shared power supply can be used for the MQV. A standard specification MQV controller can operate at a low differential pressure of 50 kPa or even less. The controller is the only unit of its kind that ca handle low-pressure control applications such as burner air-fuel ratio control. The MQV offers a best-of-class wide control range of 1 % to 100 % FS. Either an integrated display model or a separate display model can be selected according to the application needs. MQV controllers can be used over a wide operating temperature range ( - 10 °C to + 60°C). There is no need to use and expensive, dedicted dual power supply because the controller can be powered using a single readily available general-purpose 24 Vdc power supply. An AC adapter is also available, making the MQV perfect for use in a laboratory setting or similar application.


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