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Building Automation Valves and Actuators - Two-Way Ball Valve, Threaded - ACTIVAL™ VY5332 - Accessories - actuator details: 24 Vac power supply, 2-10VDC input/output feedback signal, IEC IP54

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Model MY53_0A actuator is designed specifically for Models VY53_2 two-way and VY53_3 threeway proportional control ball valves, which control the chilled/hot water in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. ACTIVAL™ Model MY53_0A_000 has a reversible synchronous motor, which operates at a low voltage of 24 Vac. Six kinds of control signals are available to operate the ACTIVAL™ ball valves: back potentiometer. 4 – 20 mAdc input, 2 – 10 Vdc input, 0 – 10 Vdc input, Floating (3-position) These control signals provide proportional control in combination with an electric/electronic proportional controller or a DDC (direct digital control) controller. * DDC: Direct Digital Control. Compact and lightweight: The ACTIVAL™ can be installed in a limited space. Easy and simple mounting onto Models VY53_2 and VY53_3 valves: The actuator can be mounted without tools, and no adjustment is required (one-touch lever-locking mechanism). IEC IP54: Dust-proof and splash-proof enclosure enables to be installed in an AHU (air handling unit). Easy manual override: The actuator operation can be switched to manual from electric. It besides can be manually operated without tools. Highly-visible position indicator: Valve position is easily recognized with the indicator/manual lever. Energy-saving: No power is consumed in fully open/closed position of the valve because of the limit switch mechanism. (Only for Model MY5310A.) Built-in auxiliary switch (except Model MY5370A): The switch is adjustable between 20-80% position. 2-10 V DC output (for position feedback) available with 4 - 20 mAdc input type, 2 - 10 Vdc input type, and 0 - 10 Vdc input type. 90° stroke in 60 seconds (50 Hz) / 50 seconds (60 Hz) operating time. ACTIVAL™ Model MY53_0A conforms to all the standards related to CE Marking.


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