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Digital Controllers - Network Instrumentation Module - NX-D25 - Controller module ±0.3 % FS, 200 ms sampling, non-ring connection, screw terminal block, 4 channels, analog current output, digital output (with 4 ch.)

Price $1,056.00


Azbil NX Network Instrumentation Modules make optimal distributed configuration a reality. Distributed modules execute cooperative control using Ethernet connectivity. This instrumentation offers an excellent solution for productivity and energy conservation needs. A variety of input sampling cycles (100 ms, 200 ms, and 500 ms) and input accuracy levels (±0.1 % FS and ±0.3 % FS) are available, depending on the model. Compact digital controllers with advanced functions can execute 2-loop or 4-loop control. Control output can be selected from among transistor output, DC current, DC voltage output, and motor driver output. Optionally, 4 current transformer inputs, 4 digital outputs, or 4 digital inputs are also available. Since the SLP-NX Smart Loader Package can be connected via Ethernet, Network Instrumentation Modules can be set up and monitored over an Ethernet communications network.


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