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Sensors - Digital Pressure Detection Intelligent Pressure Switch - Pressure Range Code 207, -100 to +1000 kPa measuring range, -120 to +1100 kPa indication and setting range, wall-mount, 120/240 VAC 50 to 60 Hz power supply, current & relay contact (SPDT) output type. Output rating: current value 4 to 20 mA, external load resistance Ω max, adjustable scaling setting is possible, relay contact SP1 250 VAC 3A resistive load. With tropicalization treatment.

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Azbil SPS300B Intelligent Pressure Switches are microprocessor-based high accuracy and high function digital pressure detectors. Accuracy is ± 0.25% FS with a high speed response of 50 ms (63% response). The units have a high reliability of more than one million pressure-cycle mechanical life. Liquid-filled dual diaphragms (316L stainless steel) and a semiconductor-based pressure detection element are incorporated into the pressure detection unit. These detectors are used for gauge pressure measurements. The SPS300B is a pressure switch which offers two-stage relay contact (independent) outputs. The structure is rainproof*. Key operation and high visibility large digital indication. Smart functions ensure applicability to a wide range of sites: PV bias adjustable, adjustable indication figure, adjustable filter constant, keylock, adjustable hi-lo relay action, manual output setting possible, peak hold and output scaling. The SPS300B must be mounted vertically. Different mounting orientation might cause measurement errors. *If rain-proofing is required, seal the conduit hole with a water proof conduit and tighten the front cover firmly after wiring.


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