SKU U43-2-CD01-030-PT1000
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Wall-mount ultrasonic flow meter; Model: OCT, Relay, RS-232/RS-485, 4 - 20 mA, RTD input (Energy); Transducers: Clamp-on, IP68. Operating temperature: - 40 °F to + 140 °F (- 40 °C to + 60 °C); Transducer Cable Length: Standard length 30 ft (9 m); PT1000 Temperature Sensors (2)

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SonoPro® U43 is a wall-mount, clamp-on or insertion type ultrasonic flow meter using transit time technology to accurately meter water applications. Clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meters are easy to install and do not require shutting down or cutting the pipe, saving you trouble and cost. Insertion type ultrasonic flow meters allow measurement of pipes that are not compatible with the clamp-on type. The SonoPro® U43 uses our unique calculation software to ensure high accuracy and low velocity response.


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