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Building Automation Valves and Actuators - Motorized Two-Way Actuated Ball Valve (Spring Return Type Actuator), Flanged - ACTIVAL™ VY51□□H - Pipe size: 2.5", Cv = 95, valve body material: cast iron, body pressure rating: ANSI 125, close-off pressure rating: 145 psi (for steam) and 101.5 psi (for water), actuator details: spring return (fail closed), 24 Vac power supply, 4 - 20 mA input signal, 4 - 20 mA feedback output signal, NEMA 4X/IEC IP54

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ACTIVAL™ Models VY51_ _K / VY51_ _H are series of motorized two-way valves with flanged-end connection. Valve and actuator are integrated in a single unit. The valve body rating corresponds to ANSI Class 125 (1" to 3") and ANSI Class 150 (1/2"). Actuator has a reversible synchronous motor, which operates at a low voltage of 24 Vac. Since the actuator fully closes the valve in case of power failure, it is suitable for failsafe application. Two kinds of control signals are available to operate the ACTIVAL™: 1. 4 – 20 mAdc input, 2. 2 – 10 Vdc input. Both signals provide proportional control in combination with a single loop controller (e.g., Model SDC35/SDC36). „Compact and lightweight: Rotary motor actualizes small body and light weight. NEMA 4X Enclosure. Valve and actuator integrated in a single unit: Pre-assembled body requires no adjustment. Valve for chilled/hot water control and for steam control applicable to high differential pressure, large Cv value, high rangeability, and low leakage. Durable actuator with low power consumption. Equal percentage flow characteristics. 2 - 10 Vdc output (for position feedback) available with 2 - 10 Vdc input type. 4 - 20 mAdc output (for position feedback) available with 4 - 20 mAdc input type. For 4 to 20 mA Model: Open/close changeover for input signal failure: Actuator fully opens/closes valve in case that the control signal is not input to the actuator. (Default: Fully open) Direction changeover of control action: Open/close action by 4 to 20 mA DC input signal is reversely controllable. Normal action 4 mA: 0 % to 20 mA: 100 % Reverse action 20 mA: 0 % to 4 mA: 100 % (Default: Normal action) Adjustable dead band*: Dead band width can be narrowed to more precisely operate valve actuator. * Actuator is not operated by input signal changed less than a certain amount. This amount of change is called dead band. Spring return actuator: Actuator automatically closes the valve in 0 % position in case that the power is down.


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