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Building Automation Valves and Actuators - Electro-Mechanical Actuator for 2-way/3-way Flange Valve - ACTIVAL™ VY51□□J - Pipe size: 3", Cv = 125, valve body material: Carbon Steel, body pressure rating: ANSI 150, close-off pressure rating: 145 psi. actuator details: 24 Vac power supply, 4 - 20 mA input signal, 4 - 20 mA feedback output signal, NEMA 4X/IEC IP54

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ACTIVAL™ Model VY51_JJ is a series of motorized two way valves with flanged-end connection. Rotary valve and actuator are integrated in a single unit. The valve body rating corresponds to ANSI Class 150. Actuator has a reversible synchronous motor, which operates at a low voltage of 24 Vac. Two kinds of control signals are available to operate the ACTIVAL™: 1. 4 – 20 mAdc input, 2. 2 – 10 Vdc input. Both signals provide proportional control in combination with a single loop controller (e.g., Model SDC35/ SDC36). Compact and lightweight: Rotary motor actualizes small body and light weight. NEMA 4X Enclosure. Valve and actuator integrated in a single unit: Pre-assembled body requires no adjustment. Valve applicable to high differential pressure, with large Cv value, wide rangeability, and low leakage. Durable actuator with low power consumption. Equal percentage flow characteristic 2 – 10 Vdc output (for position feedback) available with 2 – 10 Vdc input type. 4 – 20 mAdc output (for position feedback) available with 4 – 20 mAdc input type. For 4 – 20 mA Model: Open/close changeover for input signal failure: Actuator fully opens/closes valve in case that the control signal is not input to the actuator. (Default: Fully open) Direction changeover of control action: Open/close action by 4 to 20 mAdc input signal is reversely controllable. Normal action 4 mA: 0 % to 20 mA: 100 % Reverse action 20 mA: 0 % to 4 mA: 100 %. (Default: Normal action) Adjustable dead band*: Dead band width can be narrowed to more precisely operate valve actuator. *Actuator is not operated by input signal changed less than a certain amount. This amount of change is called dead band.


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