Long Distance Detection Laser Sensors



Photoelectric Sensors & Switches - Self-Contained - Long-Distance Detection Laser Sensor - Switching output contrast setting reflective, external appearance 250 mm maximum (local distance 80 mm), detecting distance 100 to 250 mm, output NPN (with pull-up), operation mode light ON, power supply 18 to 30 VDC, response time 50 ┬Ás maximum for actuation/release, 14-turn potentiometer, casting beam laser diode of 675 nm, laser class 2 (21CFR 1040.10). IP67 protection, CE marked.

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Long-Distance Detection Laser Sensors

SKU: HLA-C250DN Series

Azbil HLA-C250DN Long-Distance Detection Laser Sensors for high-accuracy detection of very small targets using the direct reflection method.

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